Well tomorrow is a big ol day. Come to the spa at 8 for WACKY TALENT NIGHT. it’ll be WACKY! show us a talent and then go stick around for the next thing which is an SGA thing where you go on stage and read words on a screen with a melody. I think it’s called Ka-RA-O-kee. that’ll be fun.  

Start ya weekend good time fun time


after you’re done procrastinating and working on that paper that you have to do but don’t really want to come to FALSTAFFS TONIGHT! 

Thursday night at 9pm will start an awesome IMPOSTERAVE with a bunch of great DJs who are taking the names of great DJs who are famous and don’t go to Skidmore! It’ll go until 1 but will be awesome the whole time! 

Here’s more deets on the facebook if you want line up and want to keep checking it tomorrow night until you decide to come. 

Love Lucy